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Review : Jurassic World revives the thrills in the original

Posted on by Invigaming

Animation has come a long way from Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie cartoon animations inside 1920's. Just take a glance at films, for example Toy Story and Jurassic Park; even tv shows like Babylon 5, where classic animation has jumped to new animations at warp speed through the use of one major tool - the computer. Just like any other park, people get bored should they aren't seeing anything new in just a year or so. You know, because dinosaurs walking next to you can get sooo old! Enter the Indominus Rex, Jurassic World's latest creation whose DNA is made from several animals as well as a secret 'classified' ingredient that I won't spoil.

Review : Jurassic World revives the thrills in the original

'Jurassic World' happens 2 decades following the events with the original film. Despite all the past incidents, Jon Hammond's dream has become a reality (though Hammond didn't live to find out it). The Jurassic World theme park expires and running. However, the idea of just traversing to a dinosaur doesn't exhilarate the crowds anymore, therefore the park's scientists build a hybrid dinosaur. And if you've seen any 'Jurassic Park' film prior to deciding to know what happens next ' mayhem and screaming as dinosaurs are on the loose.

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